Established in the year 2003 we were previously know as Sai Tours & Travels. In the year 2006, we incorporated under companies act (1956) and now the company is Limited . After formation of a Private Limited company we have changed our name to Saicare Logistics Pvt.Ltd.

What sets Saicare Logistics Pvt. Limited, apart from it’s contemporaries is that we are neither a bank nor a part of a banking or insurance group. We are not a sales aid finance group nor an extension of a vehicle manufacturer, but a  independently operated company. Our goals and objectives thus enables us to focus our extensive and nationwide resources on offering innovative and competitive fleet management to corporate all over the city with one big difference : QUALITY SERVICE.


  • To raise above the traditional service providers by providing quality service in hiring fleet to corporates.
  • To be recognised as a professional and ethical service provider.
  • To provide transport services required by your business and at the same time taking care of the administrative details for you.


  • That you deserve the best service at all times and are given top priority whether you are a large multinational corporation or a small local business
  • In offering long term solution to you, keeping in mind your requirements and formulating a cost-effective solution of international standards to meet your needs.
  • That we can tailor a unique solution to every problem you face related to your vehicles and their maintenance.
  • In surpassing the expectation of our clients by providing excellent service.
  • In meeting deadlines and commitments in a fast paced business environment where time saved means money saved.

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